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This is the A.I. Cookbook's wiki. The wiki is young, two projects are active at present.

Goal - demonstrate fun ways to use A.I. so that regular programmers (and rocket scientists!) can add intelligence to their software and hardware.

Active projects:

As of late 2011 I have switched my efforts to a new funded startup - StrongSteam is a web based AI and data mining API that lets you recognise things in images. We're focusing on text (OCR) and image recognition and we want to make it easy for non-AI programmers to use these tools from desktops and mobile platforms.

Non-active projects:


The OpenPlaques project using optical character recognition to automatically transcribe English Heritage plaques is over, thanks to those who took part. The project was a great way to learn new skills in OCR, vision and data mining.

Blog, Group and Twitter:

To keep up to date see the blog, visit our Google Group to talk and follow @AICookbook for light-weight updates.

The initial outline for the A.I. Cookbook is shown here: New Project - An Artificial Intelligence Cookbook.

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